Global Game Jam

Online Jam

January 29 - January 31, 2021


Global Game Jam is a FREE 48-hour event where people come together to make games. Participants work in teams to write code, create art, compose music, construct sound effects, and design gameplay. The goal is not only to emerge with something “finished” and playable, but to also learn from one other and practice the art of game design.


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Registration is Open

What to Bring


Please bring a working computer, either laptop or desktop.


Have your software preinstalled, updated, and ready to work.


Bring snacks and drinks that suit your preference. There will be some snacks/meals available on site as well.


Wyoming Technology Business Center
2435 King Blvd Casper, WY 82604


Check back soon for the updated schedule.


A game jam is an event where people interested in game development get together to make a game quickly, usually based on a shared theme.

Programmers, artists, musicians, and game designers are all welcome to attend. All levels of background and experience are encouraged. Really, anyone interested in game development is welcome. Expect to learn a lot.

Because of the time constraints, please be prepared as best you can before the event! If you haven’t made a game before, do your prep work! Try some Unity tutorials or other game design tutorials, learn your game engine/editing software, and have everything installed and setup before the event begins.

To comply with Global Game Jam regulations, site participants must be 18+ or accompanied by a guardian at all times.

Wyoming Game Devs Association is exploring future events exclusively for minor participants.


Special thanks to the sponsors who make this event happen!


Bradley Erickson
Bradley Erickson

Site Organizer
Bison Kings Games Studios

Eric Lewis

Site Organizer
Bison Kings Games Studios

Kyle Summerfield

Site Organizer
University of Wyoming

Mason Hall


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